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About Me

My name is Lydia, and I am a Mindfulness & Transformational Life Coach, a "Get-Out-Of-Your-Own-Way" Accountability Coach as well as a Certified Trainer for the CIJ Clarity Catalyst. I specialize in helping individuals step into their own power and authenticity by helping them create healthy boundaries and habits as they continue to get clear on their sense of direction towards their purpose.

My years of leadership experience in the holistic and hospitality industry has afforded me the opportunity to listen and offer coaching tools & mentoring to men and women from various backgrounds, ages and lifestyles.  In turn, this has given me a purpose and passion to serve as a life coach for my community.


I strive to live in a world where people feel safe to shine their light.  A place where we can all be our authentic self.  Experience "Living La Vida" to the fullest by understanding how crucial it is to walk and speak your truth because each of us is unique and bring gifts that should be expressed.

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About Me
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